Career Counseling

career counseling

Career Counselling

Plan A provides extensive career counseling and career guidance to all age groups. We at Plan A belive that career guidance and career counseling is an integral and necessary component of a successful, happy, fulfilling, and rewarding career. We provide career counseling to school students, mostly from the 9th to the 12th standard to help them choose the right subjects to pursue the aptest courses.

Plan A also provides career guidance and counseling to college students and fresh graduates to help them determine a structured and nuanced career path. We have some of the best guidance counselors in the world that help you through the process.

We take into account many factors of the individual when we sit down with any given profile. Our expert counselors help create and visualize a strong, meaningful career path that always results in success.

Five critical factors while making career choices are:

Individuals interests
Career Values
Learning Style
Skills & Abilities

Expert guidance helps to identify these critical factors and help the individual choose the right career path through:

Comprehensive Career Test
Career Guidance by Expert Counselors
Comprehensive Career Report

Explore and Find out your Most Suitable Career Path Out of 18 Career Clusters, 150 + Career Paths and 3000+ Occupations – Career Counseling at its best!

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