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The IELTS is a versatile test that determines your level of proficiency and command over the English language. Plan A is the best IELTS coaching center in the country and offers a money-back guarantee if we don’t help you achieve a 7 band or more on the IELTS.

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IELTS Test Result

The IELTS is scored on a range of 1 to 9 “Band”. And the level of band that you score is indicative of your command over the English language. Now, many of you reading this may feel that the English you speak, write, read, and listen to maybe used in the right way. But many of you may be wrong. Since English is not really the native language or the mother tongue for many people all over the world, it is not a language that is easy to master. While many of you have a functional level of expertise in the English language, it may be that the quality of English that you are familiar with is not exactly up to the mark.

Someone with a moderate command over the English language is very likely to score a 6+ band on the IELTS. This is typically the score that most professionals working in the corporate sector achieve. The basic use of tense, grammar, tone, subject-verb-agreement, etc. are all in place for someone with this score. As a result, you will need about 1-2 months of training at minimum

Scoring a 7+ band on the IELTS is definitely an achievement as this indicates that the test taker is confident in the use of the English language and is comfortable with making use of more complex sentences and sentence structures. This score is typically attained by people who have been exposed to good literature in the form of a well written English Newspapers or Magazines and have been communicating in the English language for a good number of years. But keep in mind that with a little bit of hard work, it is easy to score much higher.

A score of an 8+ band on the IELTS implies that the test taker has an excellent command over the English language and communicates in English as a native English speaker would. This is the ideal target that every student or professional must aim to achieve.

IELTS Coaching Classes

Plan A IELTS Coaching Classes are conducted in a very structured manner implying that we follow well-defined methods. We maintain a low batch size of 8-10 students per batch thereby ensuring maximum attention to every student. We understand that doing well on the IELTS can greatly impact your life and career. And as such, we provide you with all the necessary resources and training material that you require to perform well.

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