What is the SAT?

Students looking to study abroad in the USA for their undergraduate programs are the ones who typically take the SAT. It is now scored out of 1600 (800+800) whereas the old test was out of 2400.

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How to score over 1200 on the SAT?

Right from the job you get after you graduate to the kind options you have for your postgraduate courses, the SAT is the first step that determines how bright a future you are going to have.

We, at Plan A, limit the number of students we have in each batch to a maximum of 10 as we have found that this allows us to give the required amount of attention to each student. We understand that these test scores will have a long-lasting impact on your career and your life. Our teachers and counselors are here to guide you to the best future that you can dream of.

As the best SAT coaching center in the city, we hold ourselves to the highest standards and we assure you that we care more about your scores than you do, as we have trained scores of students and we have seen them grow into valuable members of society.

And if you work as hard as we do, we may even help you get over 1400 on the SAT. Think you’re up for it?

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Plan A is a niche education studio that caters to the people who are focused, driven and determined to succeed.

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Is the ACT a better option?

The ACT or American College Testing is another option for students looking to study abroad in the US. It is very similar to the Scholastic Aptitude Test except that the ACT has a science section as well. The ACT is scored out of 36 points and a score of 26 and above is considered to be competetive. On average students prefer to take the SAT rather than the ACT, however this trend has been changing for the past few years.

Generally, students applying to the STEM degrees end up taking the ACT, however many universities accept the SAT . Also note that the type of college and course you want to get into will have a preference towards one of these exams.