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Want to get into the top colleges and universities in the world? You’ve come to the right place. Be it a Tier 1 University or an Ivy League College, we help you create an application that will set you apart. As part of our values and mission, we do not have any tie-ups with universities in India or abroad and as such do not have an ulterior motive in guiding you through your application process. We believe that getting you into the best university that you can possibly get into is what helps us define who we are and helps validates what we do.

We understand how each application is reviewed and scored. With experience in sending a multitude of students to various top tier universities across many countries, we have a reputation that allows us to hold our heads up high in making the dreams of our students to get into the universities they want to, come true.

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North America


Moving to another country either to study abroad or for immigration can be a big decision for many people. Different countries are preferred for different reasons. For instance, those who are looking to do an MBA, prefer to study abroad in the USA. The USA has been a popular choice for many people over the last four or five decades and still continues to be the country that most Indian students choose to study abroad.


However, another country is fast becoming the first choice for many who want to immigrate – Canada. Over the last ten years, many students and working professionals are choosing to study abroad in Canada or in fact even immigrate to Canada due to the vast number of opportunities that have opened up there. Not only that but the Canadian government has opened up its borders to allow immigrants from all nationalities to apply for PR in Canada and has made the process fairly easy.

Due to the immigrant-friendly policies of the Canadian government, there is a large number of people who apply for permanent residence in Canada.




The UK has traditionally been the destination of choice in Europe for Indian students and immigrants over the past few decades. However, in lieu of the recent geopolitical climate in Britain, the country is experiencing a reduced interest from potential immigrants and students alike. Studying abroad in the UK should still be an option for many as the country is ripe with opportunity and has many prestigious universities for students wanting to study and has many Fortune 500 companies for professionals looking for a job. Although in recent times, immigration to the UK has become harder, there is still an ample number of applicants who are being accepted as immigrants and are being granted work permits.


Another country in Europe that is becoming a top choice for students and professionals alike is Germany. Due to the structure of the education system that is prevalent in the country a huge number of students are now opting to study abroad in Germany. Many courses, especially the technical courses are free in Germany and thus provide students a unique opportunity to equip themselves with cutting edge knowledge from an industrially strong country.


Asia Pacific


Australia is the destination of choice when it comes to the southern hemisphere. There exists a huge Indian population down under which is made up of a thriving community of students and working professionals. There are some excellent universities in the country that are amongst the top 100 in the world thereby making it a top choice to study abroad in Australia.

Not only is there a large student population but there also exists a large number of Indian nationals and people of Indian origin who have gotten their PR in Australia after the due immigration process.


Another country of choice when it comes to studying abroad in New Zealand. It has beautiful scenery and a vibrant population with diverse cultures from many southeast Asian countries. Popular fields of study are business management, supply chain management, and healthcare. New Zealand also provides ample opportunities for work and the New Zealand government allows people of various nationalities the right to work even as they study.