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Choosing a GMAT/GRE Coaching Center

Coaching Center

GMAT coaching centers and GRE coaching centers are available in almost every part of India. Especially in major cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai and Delhi, there are a lot of options to choose from. All this means you have to be all the more careful when choosing a GMAT coaching center or GRE coaching center.


Do not blindly go after big names. Yes, the brand value of the course matters. Big names have developed a reputation for a reason. But that should not be your sole criteria for choosing. You have to understand that your needs, strengths, and weaknesses are different from other students. Every individual is different and needs a tailor-made approach of training. Sign up at a coaching center that follows this principle. What is good for everyone else is not necessarily good for you.

Demo Classes

Be sure to attend one or two demo classes before taking a decision. It will help you judge the style and quality of teaching offered by that particular institution. Most reputable institutes offer free demo classes to potential students. If an institute does not have it, request specifically to attend a few demo classes. That way, you will have an idea of what you are getting into. Otherwise, it’s just a blind leap of faith, that can go very, very wrong.


Your research must be thorough. Do not go for marketing gimmicks. Focus on the product instead. A respectable institute that will help you prepare according to your strong and weak points is the one you are searching for.


The quality of the training and the training material is also a crucial element that contributes to the success of the GMAT/GRE preparation. Any good GMAT/GRE center will provide you with all the necessary study material and guide you to use all available online resources to secure the all elusive 90 percentile scores.


Many centers may be old and well established but the quality of the training depends heavily on the quality and standard of the teachers that work there. Do not blindly sign up with anyone. Sit for demo classes. Discuss your profile with your teacher or academic coach. Figure out a study plan that suits you.